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I fell in love with photography at an early age when my mother gave me a Brownie box camera. Since then I have often carried a camera with me. Looking at the world through a photographer’s eye brings out perspectives that otherwise would slip by. It makes a person notice more of their surroundings. I’ve had the opportunity to mount a large one-person exhibition of my photos in the City of Knowledge in Panama and now have this website to share them more widely. 


My photography interests are eclectic, touching on the many kinds of discoveries encountered both during my travels around the world and close to home. What inspires me to pull out the lens is unusual effects of light, nature’s unexpected designs, people’s special moments, compelling perspectives, and sometimes just interesting scenes. Mostly I work in color but occasionally I do black and white when the subject calls for it. I’ve used Nikon, Sony and Olympus equipment and now stay mostly with Olympus for its portability and excellent image quality.


I’ve been traveling for decades, for my work in economic development and also on purely personal journeys. These travels have provided experiences in 72 countries, including residence in seven of them and visits to others many times over. They have given me the opportunity to work in close collaboration with colleagues in other lands and to gain an appreciation of other cultures. I am fully bilingual in English and Spanish, and have a nodding acquaintance with other languages. My hope is that the photos on this website will introduce you to some of those experiences and perhaps inspire you to see the world in new ways. —Roger

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